Episode 1: The S.D.E.E.V Incident

As our gang meet for the first time...it is safe to say they get off to a slow start and members of the group start to show their true colours already. Both outside and in!

Episode 2: The Golden Exclamation

Finally, our heroes find a tavern. This could only mean one thing; a relatively straight forward quest! Unfortunately, 'relatively' and 'straight forward' are not in this collective's vocabulary and things to not go smoothly.

Episode 3: Last Orders at the Bar

Our team have taken 2 episodes to become wanted fugitives! I am surprised it has taken that long. With a full camp of guards, limited capability and an absolute disregard for keeping a low profile...what will happen next? Maybe a new house we have never seen before shows up and comes to their aid?

Episode 4: VASA Spaceforce

Our fearless group of 'heroes' come face to face with their saviors. How long will it be before someone comes up with an idea which will piss them off?

Episode 5: Martian Generosity

There is a bucket. You probably shouldn't look in the bucket. Cornan didn't want you to look in the bucket. You looked in the bucket!?