The KeyForge Premier League, as part of the Crazy Killing Machine Network, have created a tournament series to bring the world’s most prolific, talented and decorated KeyForge players into one spot. Regardless of geography, gender, opinion or any other defining characteristic, we are looking for one thing; the best Keyforge players in the world!


Whether this be through direct invitation due to winning a tournament at the global stage, or invitation through a series of rigorous qualifiers, we now have a league roster of 40 players who have earned their right to be considered some of the best in the world.


Over the next season, the 40 will be whittled down to 1 person. A person who can say that they were the first winner of the KeyForge Premier League, taking home a cash prize, the respect they deserve and the opportunity to call themselves a true KeyForge champion.


During the league, KFPL are committed to bringing you high level video content of the week’s games, with insightful commentary and detailed analysis. There will be regular audio and video content to bring the ‘toughest league in KeyForge’s short history’ to the wider community.


Archons, to order! Enter the Crucible. Are you ready?


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