Season One was a project for Jupiter's Master's Degree in New Media Journalism. Combining his Keyforge obsession with learning the tools needed to advance his presentation the KFPL went from concept to reality and grew at an incredible rate. This is when Jupiter approached Carl (CKM) and formed a partnership to bring in the CKM experience to the league and make use of the exemplary logistics for tournaments that they had been known for in the real world of Keyforge. Together in a partnership Season 1 launched and grew into what it is today.

  • KiiVii (Western Bracket) was able to navigate his way to being our first Highlander.

  • Rodion (Brazil) made a splash into the scene, going from an unknown to a name that is feared for his technical prowess.

  • Dammat96 proved to be the Italian grandmaster and establish himself as Italy's best shot at winning it all. With the weight of the nation on his shoulder he placed second in an epic final match.