Season 3.png

Five Deck Sealed(ish) Survival

- Each player will receive 5 random sealed decks from each Keyforge set. (25 Total Decks)

- Each player will choose 1 Deck from each set. (5 Decks Total)

- Each week, players will see their opponents and the opponents' Deck Lists.

- Players will select and field two of their decks in a Survival Best of 3 match.

Survival Bo3 Matches:

     --Players Choose two decks and the order they are playing them.

     --Upon the event of a loss, the player must move to their 2nd deck. If they lose again, the 

        match is lost.

- All decks that lose a game are eliminated from the competition.

-If a player has only 1 remaining deck, they field that deck and lose the match after a single loss.

-Players with no remaining decks are eliminated from the event.

On weeks with an odd number of players, the top seeded player (player with the most remaining decks), who has not received a bye, will receive a bye for the week. (Ties for top seed will result in the top seed being randomized among those who tie)