10 Things We Have Learnt After 45 Games of Mass Mutation

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

'It is here! It is finally here! Don't get too excited Carl! Don't get 2 boxes and stay up all night playing Keyforge with Steve! You have children who will be up at 6! You have work tomorrow! Don't then buy more a couple of days later and clear out your local board game store!

Well...you did it! Don't say I didn't warn you!' - Carl's common sense.

Well, it is finally upon us. Mass Mutation, the fourth installment of Keyforge, is upon us.

3 nights ago, Steve and I managed to get in 24 games in, last night we got 8 more in and with some games we have managed to play pre-release, we are 45 games in. After 45 games and 70 decks, we are starting to get a real feel for how Mass Mutation plays, how it feels as a set and how it interacts within itself. Below are some of the things we have started to notice to hopefully help you on your merry Keyforge way.

A couple of things to point out:

- We have only played Mass Mutation against Mass Mutation. We can't really speak to the effectiveness against the other sets yet but we can certainly make some educated assumptions.

- We have played all (ish) 45 games in our favourite, self titled variant for new deck purchase; Ironman Keyforge. The best/worst/most frustrating/most rewarding way to play Keyforge all rolled into 1. It requires no skill and no strategy! Basically:

- Open a deck blind and put it face down.

- Don't look at the Archon Card.

- Shuffle and draw - NO MULLIGANS!

- No playing cards that search through the deck for their effect.

- Just play and reveal the deck.

With this all in mind, what have we learnt and what are our first impressions?

1. Enhancements are REAL

I know this seems like a silly thing to say. But as with everything, we have to address if a new mechanic is a viable strategy and game changer (the introduction of Saurians into Worlds Collide) or a wet novelty which people got excited about then quickly realize were a damp squib (shards).

I can say with all confidence that enhancements change the game and a mediocre card with good enhancements can become a very effective card, very quickly. I am ashamed to say it, but I originally thought that the single damage enhancement was going to be the lesser of the 4 (damage, capture, aember and card draw) but I was pleasantly surprised. That single little lonesome damage put in some work! All 4 are equally welcome and viable, however 1 may be more effective in a meta...more on that later.

2. It feels very balanced.

If we have to compare this to one of the other sets, I would say it is most like Age of Ascension (don't close the article just yet).

It categorically isn't as 'swingy' as Call of the Archons and it doesn't have the power disparity like that between Brobnar and Saurians in Worlds Collide. Now that doesn't mean that one house doesn't feel stronger than anot