About Us - Crazy Killing Machine

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Who are we?

Steve Stewart:

AKA: Stewart Stevens, Stevie Stew, CKM_Steve

Likes: Dogs

Dislikes: Things that are not dogs.

Age: 26

What do you do for Crazy Killing Machine: As little as possible!

Carl Woodwiss

AKA: Woody, CKM_Carl

Likes: Board games, metal, beer and the Pitch Perfect movies.

Dislikes: Flat Earthers, Most (MOST NOT ALL) Vegans.

Age: 32

What do you do for Crazy Killing Machine: All the other stuff that Steve doesn't do!

What do we do?

We Stream Vault Tours and High Level Events

We Live Stream News

We Record an RPG

We Judge Vault Tours

We Run a Network

We Support the Keyforge Community

How did we get started?

Steve had been freelancing with Fantasy Flight Games for some time, demonstrating board games at some weird, lovely and fantastic places, as well as judging for some time for L5R and Destiny. At the Destiny Galactic Qualifier in Milton Keynes in 2018, Steve asked Carl to come along and judge/scorekeep the event and the rest is history. Just after the event was when Keyforge was launched and started to gain its HUGE traction, which is when Steve and Carl were asked by FFG to judge the Vault Tour at UK Games Expo.

After this, we went to every Vault Tour in Europe; Eindhoven, Bologna, Nuremberg, Madrid, Krakow as judges.

It was at the UK Games Expo that conversations started about creating a channel or some sort of media for the community but very little took off. It was after