An Exclusive CKMn Spoiler and 10 Random Spoilers Reviewed

Updated: May 13, 2020

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

We have no physical new set. We can't play any physical Keyforge. We don't know when the next competitive tournament of Keyforge will be. Everything on my desk MUST be at 45 degrees or 90 degrees to me or I can't work (granted, that last one is more 'my issue' than everyone else's). The next best thing...


In this article, I am going to pick 10 recently spoiled cards and give my thoughts on how valuable they might be to the house and their relative strength in the game. They are a random 10, not my view of the best or worst...just the first 10 I pick out of the library.

Also, the 11th card will be an EXCLUSIVE SPOILER to CKMn, not yet released to the wider Keyforge Community provided to us directly from the powers that be at Fantasy Flight Games.

I'm going to try something different and score the cards out of 100%. Up front, there is 0 science behind this. Anybody can make up statistics...67% of all people know that!

It's hunting season...let's get to it.


I love this sucker. Top to bottom, the art is phenomenal. BalanceSheet kills it again with their spectacular work. 4 power makes it a worthwhile creature on the board giving it some longevity. Enhance for some more Logos Doing Logos card draws. This card has everything I would want in a card being drawn. Starting strong with a 92%.

Legion's March

I thought long and hard about this card. There are 2 questions I need to answer; 'Do I like this card', and 'Is this a good card'? Answering the latter first, yes. It could be an excellent card for getting to some of the weaker cards, through some of that annoying elusive or tactically placed taunt next to a Qincan or Umbra. And we all know how easy it is to maintain a board of Dinosaurs. 84%.

Do I like the card? Not really. I wrote recently about how Saurians are too powerful for the game currently. Having a suite of 4 dinosaurs and using them 4/5 times to clear a board is...rough. Put it in Brobnar, make it for Giants, thematically it would make more sense too. 22%...for an average of 53%.

Wild Bounty

I'm struggling not to say 'meh'. There will be a deck which has 3/4 aember on something ridiculous and this card will be a monster. Or dropping a Fertility Chant will make your opponent wince. But in the grand scheme of things, it will be an OK card. The 'Enhance' is the most interesting part. Not poor, but not great. 60%.

Subtle Otto

Would you rather have an aember and discard an opponent's card with Subtle Chain, or have a 1 power creature and discard a card? Again, I think this comes down to the deck you have and the cast of supporting characters. If you have a Life for a Life then great...but realistically, the 1 power, no elusive, no reap excitement. 35%

Tempting Offer

Yes, I like this card. Remember the days when we were begging for Artifact control? Those days aren't exactly behind us, but now for me I am looking for creature control, specifically exalted Saurian control. I don't want to sound like a broken record but by the designer's own admission, Worlds Collide was designed to be creature heavy and the puzzle was board maintenance as opposed to action timing. I like this, I love that it comes with an aember bonus, I want to know who the crab man is though...78%.

Safe House

It never worked in Mars, I can't see how it is going to work here. Unless you have a ridiculous 'Play' effect on the board, I don't think there is a huge benefit of removing a creature from the board over reaping or fighting. Maybe I am wrong, but this is a duffer for me. Even Bad Penny...why would you want her in your archives instead of just discarding her? Why is she on your board in the first place?! 15%.

Faust the Great

Faust, Fausty, Faustio...what do I say about you? I hate the art. Its like looking through a kaleidoscope while on acid listening to Tommy by The Who. Is the ladder twisted? Is the vertical line of the wall....leaning over? Is the background....leaning the other way? Is that an arty perspective thing which I don't know about?

The ability is...fine. It will be powerful. Again it bolsters Saurian and reduces the Risk side of the 'Risk/Reward' strategy which we were so excited about when exalt was announced. It will be a strong card. It will be moaned about. Bring your own salt shakers! 71% (0% based on the art).

General Xalvador

Suck it Xalvador. I hate you. You are Sanctum. You have lots of armor. You make other cards capture. You are a Knight. You shouldn't be a General, you should be burning in your own circle of Dante's Inferno!! But...that is my personal opinion.

As a card...yeah. It's alright! 68%.


Are FFG planning on extending the time limits for games? No? Hmm...then this card in the right (or wrong) players hand could be a big old stall machine. Yes, having to summon Exodia to be able to play the card is a draw back (and a VERY big one), but a 20 power Drumble which can remove the aember into the common supply could be a right pain in the arse. The worst deck in the world would be Deusillus, Heart of the Forest and a legacy maverick Shatter Storm (unlikely I know). But, I like it. Interesting card, interesting mechanic but don't chain yourself searching for that other half. If you don't have it, bin it. 65%.

Subject Kirby

Kirby...what happened? Comm Officer to Subject. Were you cloned or did they go full Captain America on you and instead of becoming a super soldier, you became..a fish? Unlucky brother! Back is the trademark Play/Fight/Reap we know and love in Star Alliance. With only 2 power and no defense, how you are going to stay on the board for long is beyond me. You are getting smoked as soon as you get played! But that is surely the sign of a good card! 81%.

ps. You may feel fine, but you look like shit!


Doom Sigil

Thank you FFG for the exclusive spoiler...but that doesn't mean I won't give my honest view on the card. However...

I love this card! This falls right in the same vein as Soul Snatcher, Annihilation Ritual, Fangtooth Cavern etc. Cards which, when they are on the board, I have to play better than you. Some of the emphasis taken from 'what' you have played and more on 'how' you play what you have. Yes, you don't need artifact control to remove it which is a draw back...but still, I like cards which level the playing field somewhat and rely on skill. I will be looking for a good deck with Doom Sigil in. 90%.

In Summary

Well there you have it. I am sure you might have differing opinions but these are my initial thoughts on some of the cards which have been spoiled. We have a LOT more to talk about and we will be doing this again soon. As always, let us know your thoughts.

Be good to each other.


Crazy Killing Machine.

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