An Intro to KFPL Season 2

With 3 weeks of Qualifiers almost upon us, it’s time to go into more detail about what the KeyForge Premier League is, and how Season 2 is shaping up.

What is the KeyForge Premier League?

Started by Jupiter Sacadura in 2020, the KeyForge Premier League provides a competitive environment for KeyForge players across the globe. The goal of the league is to find the strongest KeyForge players in the world!

The League had a series of Open Qualifiers in Fall 2020, and completed its first full season in January 2021. Alongside these, the KFPL has hosted a series of monthly tournaments, with a cash prize pool funded by registrations. During their Holiday Triad Treat Tournament in December, the KFPL raised $1400 for Doctors Without Borders.

KFPL is proudly sponsored by Luxury PlayStyle, creators of magnificent KeyForge-compatible gamepieces. To see their collection, visit their site.

Why Should You Compete?

The KeyForge Premier League facilitates KeyForge competitive play at the highest level - which many are missing due to the suspension of Organised Play in the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s one of the best opportunities to compete against well-known figures in the world of KeyForge, and prove your skill as a player.

The KeyForge Premier League has a cash prize pool which will be split between the top performing players in Season 2. The current size of this pool is $600, which will be split as follows:

  • 1st place - 50%

  • 2nd place - 33%

  • 3rd place - 17%

Whatever your motivation - for the thrill of competition, the prestige of winning, or the substantial prize pot - there are plenty of excellent reasons to sign up for KFPL Season 2.

Who is Competing?

In Season 1, we opened invitations to the top 10 players from the Vault Tour Leaderboard, and winners of Vault Tours and Grand Championships. To that pool, we added players who took the top spots in our qualifiers, which covered a variety of Archon and Sealed variants.

This season we’ll be inviting a total of 48 players from around the world to play KeyForge at the highest level, with the ultimate goal of finding the worlds best KeyForge player. In Season 1, Kiivii of the Hamburg Atlanteans was victorious, and we’re looking forward to seeing if the Atlanteans can maintain their winning streak.

These players will be drawn from the following areas:

16 Players from Season 1 - these are the players who performed best in the first season.

13 Players from across the November, December, January and February (TBA) monthly tournaments, consisting of:

  • 1 from November

  • 4 from each of December, January and February (TBA)

19 Players from across the Qualifier events, consisting of:

  • Top 3 from each of the 2 Archon Solo Qualifiers on Saturday 16th January (for a total of 6)

  • Top 3 from each of the 2 Sealed Solo Qualifiers on Saturday 23rd January (for a total of 6)

  • 7 from the Archon Triad Qualifier on Saturday 30th January

There’s plenty of opportunities coming up for you to earn a place in KFPL Season 2 - sign up now for the Qualifiers!

What is the Format?

The format for the League this season is Archon Triad. In this format, each player brings a set of 3 decks. Each player has the opportunity to ban one deck from the other player’s set of 3. After this, the players pick a deck to use first in a best of 3 match. Once a deck has been used to win, it can no longer be used in that match. The player who manages to win with both their unbanned decks wins the match.

The KFPL will be making some modification