Are These the Best 'First Turn' Cards?

For when you want to drop the hammer before your opponent has even flinched.

Written by Carl Woodwiss of Crazy Killing Machine

You sit down at the table, ready to play your opponent. You know your deck upside down and inside out so you have the perfect plan. You know when to keep your opening hand and you know when to dig for that card that brings your deck together. You check your opponent's Archon card and you have an idea of what the deck might do to you so the cogs start to turn for the two minutes you have...

Then... your opponent drops one of these cards. Now you are already staring down the barrel of a gun!

This is my personal opinion of cards in which I believe put you in the best possible position if you play them as your 'first turn'. Some of them are powerful cards ready for turn 2, some of the are cards which back your opponent into a corner early. Some.....well some are just 'smash mouth' cards which put you so far ahead before your opponent has even moved!

Without further ado...

20. Binding Irons

I mean, what a dick move for turn 1, but I think it would be hard to suggest that it isn't effective!

19. Lay of the Land/Labwork

A bit of hand manipulation can go a long way in turn 1. Especially if you have decided to mulligan. With Lay of the Land its about understanding your next card draws and planning. With Labwork you can plan for the future. Both having an Aember is also quite nice (just be careful of that Ghostly Hand).

18. Eyegor

Very similar to the above, but dramatically more powerful. Being able to dig further through your deck to find a card that has synergies with your current hand and then leaving a creature on the board is a particularly good early turn.

17. Jehu the Bureaucrat

Have a large Sanctum opening hand? Free money baaaaaby!

16. Subtle Chain/Mind Barb