Are These the Worst Cards in KeyForge?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

They can't all be home runs... but these cards aren't even playing the sport!

Written by Carl Woodwiss of Crazy Killing Machine

Reviewed by Kate Dunstone

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I know writing a 'these cards are terrible' list is dangerous. People will disagree, or find the one deck which has six cards which supplement one of these cards as part of a strategy which makes it awesome. I'm also not saying that these cards aren't fun to play. Casually, some of these cards are hilarious, especially when the stars align and the card works!


This is a list for cards which range from missing the mark... to being just down right terrible.

A couple of caveats:

- Yes, it may be part of a combo, but this is a list looking at cards out of context. For example, They're Everywhere and/or Whistling Darts might make one of the cards below very playable. On its own and out of any sort of context, the card is toilet.

- This, again, is personal opinion. You may agree or disagree but I would really like to hear your thoughts.

- Even though this is a 'bad card' list... I am not 'negging' on the game. I love the game!

That being said (*deep breath in*)... let's go for it.

20. First Blood

Easing ourselves in gently. Certainly not the worst card on the list but the 'Alpha' makes this a worthy contender squeaking in at number twenty. As far as I am concerned, gaining an Aember is the only thing worthy of note (unless it luckily knocks off a couple of wards).

19. Flamethrower

So this card would have been SIGNIFICANTLY higher on my list if we were still in Age of Ascension territory. Luckily, the introduction of 'wards' has pulled Flamethrower out of the line of fire... just!

18. Plants

Best thing about these cards? The artwork! They are actually really interesting when you look at all of the different art, but that is where the interest disappears. With so much raw damage from hand in the game now, has anybody actually ever used a Plant before they have been pinged off of the board?

17. Swap Widget

This is possibly the first point where people are going to say 'yeah but what about this combo'? See above. An Aember bonus should 100% be on this card to make it at least plausible.

16. Epic Quest