Competition: The 10k Giveaway!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When we started this site,, I said it would be a success if we could get 2000 views in the first month. We set up the site to be nothing other than a support to the Keyforge community. We wanted to add value to the community and provide content that every so often someone would read and think '...meh, that was interesting'.

A month later, Crazy Killing Machine Network has grown to a point which we are incredibly proud of.

  • We have a Keyforge RPG section with weekly video gameplay.

  • We are supporting KOTE with their incredible global team tournament.

  • We have a brand new rulings data bank and card repository, The Card Library.

  • We have articles in 4 languages, with expansion into other languages to come.

  • We have a tournament hub with standard rules, Tournament Organizer support, FAQs and clarifications.

  • We have more to come. Including key pieces we are already working on. Watch this space.

However, the thing we are most humbled by, is that of the 2000 target we set ourselves, the actual statistics after just over a month are:

Visits: 10,247

Unique Visitors: 4,100+

Article views: 6,500+

This is super humbling! People are using our site and coming back to the site. Yes there have been huge learning points along the way but when you block out the noise and just look at what we have actually created and the reasons why we created the platform, I couldn't be happier and more proud.

Gushing aside, the real reason you are actually reading this post!

Win a C**** M****** Play Mat from the Organized Play kit which never was/hasn't been yet...

Answer 1 very simple question below.

We will draw the winner in a week:

01/06/2020 at 5PM GMT.

Thank you again and hopefully we can carry on supporting the community with good content!

Be good to each other.

Carl, Steve and the CKMn Team.