Do we miss Mars and Sanctum?

Are Dinosaurs and Spaceships better for Keyforge than Knights and...Spaceships?

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

Let me get this out of the way nice and early...*clears throat*

This article is my opinion.

I feel the above necessary for a couple of reasons. It's certainly known that I may have a slight bias against one of the above houses. Also, I am very open to a healthy debate on the subject, especially if you disagree! If we all liked the same stuff it would be a very boring world...and we would all be net decking the same decks for other well known card games at competitive tournaments (too subtle?).

So let's get started. I wanted to take a look at the state of the houses in Keyforge as we draw closer to the end of Worlds Collide and move into Mass Mutation. For those who are not aware:

In 'Call of the Archons', Mars and Sanctum were 2 of the inaugural Keyforge houses alongside the existing suite, minus the Saurian Republic and the Grand Star Alliance. 'Age of Ascension' remained the same, however 'Worlds Collide' introduced the ancient Saurian Dinosaurs and star surfing Star Alliance Space People to replace the Knights of Sanctum and the little green people of Mars. First, lets look at the overarching characteristics of each house:

House Characteristics:


  • Lawful Good Knights. Pure, honorable and blah...

  • Tough creatures

  • Armored to the teeth

  • Believe it or not...a tendency towards fighting and fight effects

  • Excellent at capturing Aember

  • Play Style: Put an army of big creatures on the board, armor them up and reap/capture your way to victory.


  • Sneaky, manipulative little green tinkers.

  • Squishy Creatures or Massive Creatures, nothing much in between.

  • Synergistic reap effects. Very tricky and control-y

  • Not build for fighting, or being alone. Work very well when played as a swarm.

  • Good all round actions. Not spectacular at one individual thing.

  • Play Style: Wait...wait...wait some more...then drop the Martian hammer and burst your way into some shenanigans.