Fear of Timing Out - An Examination of Online Sealed KeyForge Game Lengths and Player Attitudes

As part of my survey on the KFPL Season 2 Sealed Qualifiers on Saturday 23rd January 2021, I conducted a data-gathering exercise on games going to time. This had two parts. The first was keeping a record of the games which exceeded the 45 minute time limit; the second was a post-event survey on player attitudes. Here I will present my findings.

The Stats

Over the entire weekend, players took part in a total of 499 games as part of the qualifiers. This encompassed both the Swiss and single elimination rounds. Out of 499 games, 2 exceeded the 45 minute time limit. This was a grand total of 0.4% of all games in the event. Interestingly these both occurred in Qualifier 4, which began at 12pm EST. No game in Qualifier 3 (commencing at 4am EST) ended due to the clock running out.

There was no overlap between the 4 players whose games exceeded the time limit, and both games ended in quite different circumstances.

The first game can be viewed on the event VOD at 9h15m. This game was particularly board heavy - with 7 minutes remaining on the clock, one player has almost 3 keys worth of aember captured on their battleline. That player also has an