Keyforge RPG Series Episode 1: The S.D.E.E.V Incident


Steve Stewart is the Game Master

Oli Cornish is Pebblesaurus, the Saurian Aembermancer

Carl Woodwiss is Heian Merca, the Untamed Elf Rogue

Stefano Berian is Xiar Kitt, the Logos Goblin Aembermancer

René Farwer is Tornus, The Giant Brobnar Vault Warrior

Finn Cornish is Klyxil Fixfinger, The Martian Loyalist Engineer

Episode 1: The S.D.E.E.V Incident

Before you start, if you haven't been introduced to the characters already, there is no explanation of characters and backgrounds in this video. To see those creation videos, click here.


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