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Yes it finally happened. Big shout out to Rob at Boards Derby, for hosting a fantastic sealed tournament over on the Crucible. I am currently sitting in last place (feels like home). The guys over there are super friendly and the games have been both fun and challenging. I have now found my favourite new mechanic, purging using cards with multiple Infurnaces. Removing your opponents aember and stopping them generating easy ember from cards is amazingly good especially in decks that generate a lot of ember. If your opponent needs a 2nd deck re shuffle having less easy aember opportunities can really grind a deck down. (Always apologise after though…we have all been on the receiving end of this)

A few things I have learned :-

  • Learn the set; each new set brings in new mechanics and card interactions, I currently only have 3 Worlds Collide decks and have only played 3 games with them so was unaware of a mixture of cards and new interactions.

  • Know killer cards and artifacts; some creatures just need to be sent packing as quickly as possible as they will ruin your game very quickly. Expect your opponent to do the same.

  • Be prepared; cards such as Red Alert are common, sometimes putting out a shed load of creatures expecting a pay load on the next turn can be quickly nullified, leaving you with no where to go. Try to read your opponents play wisely.

  • Offence and defence; sometimes just because you have a killer card in your hand, don’t work your whole play around it, try to give yourself multiple options. Some decks force you to be defensive and grind your opponent down, sometimes offence is the best option.

  • Know your house; you may not know your opponents deck but house names should indicate a flavour, and cards you can expect. I’m sure if you have ever played against Untamed you will be more than aware of the big last play.

I’m sure I will learn more as I play such events and am hoping to play more in the future. Once lock down is over and the little ones are at school I will hopefully have more time for longer nights so can play in the UK Keyforge tournaments run by Muffins.

On a side note, Have you heard of the Annoying Goose? This is an app my son found on YouTube. You can flood your computer with a flock of annoying geese stealing your mouse pointer and dropping memes. Have tried to win at Keyforge with a flock of 8 geese. This week I will be streaming my attempts I will post a link so you can watch the hilarity.

Anyway if anyone wants to play my Discord is shepochu#8712, and Cruicible name Shepochu….(derived from my nickname and Pikachu before anyone asks).

Happy Gaming

Casual Dan

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