KFPL S2: Week 1 - Featured Games, Match-ups, and Bracket Predictions!

We've officially kicked-off the KeyForge Premier League Season 2! The first week of pairings in our Round Robin Group Stage have been set, and our players are raring to go.

This article is a round-up of what we have going on this week, as well as an update on our bracket prediction contest. We'll be sharing the top 3 picks in each group.

Let's get started!

Featured Games

Each week, we'll be live-streaming 4 featured games on Twitch with live commentary! These will be done with a 5 minute delay to prevent stream-sniping, and the VODs will be available afterwards for those who can't catch the games live. All times are listed in EST so be sure to convert the time to your timezone so you don't miss these amazing matches!

Here are the four featured games this week...

  • JayPower vs JustAGuyPlayin - Weds 24th at 8:30pm EST on the KFPL Twitch

  • FlamingHobo vs siaka - Weds 24th at 10:30pm EST on the KFPL Twitch

  • kidmanxdx vs Kionerst - Fri 26th at 4:00pm EST on the KFPL Twitch

  • KiiVii vs LaPoire - Sat 27th at 12:00pm EST on lotsa_muffinz's Twitch

Make sure you set a reminder and join us!

We'll also be doing a Sunday Recap Show at 2:00pm EST on Sun 28th the KFPL Twitch where we'll be reviewing the game results from the week, highlighting some games, and announcing the brackets for the next week - follow the channel and @KeyforgeL on Twitter for notifications of when we go live!

Bracket Prediction Results

Here are the top 3 most popular picks from each group!

Group A

  1. Grant Titus [KiP]

  2. JayPower [KiP]

  3. JustAGuyPlayin [SAS-LP]

There's a huge amount of confidence in Knowledge is Power [KiP] in this group! This week's featured match between JayPower and JustAGuyPlayin pits favourite against favourite - it's not a match you'll want to miss!

Group B

  1. Coraythan [SAS-LP]

  2. siaka [ABR]

  3. FlamingHobo [RO/ABR]

This week's second featured game is a battle of the Bears, between favourites FlamingHobo and siaka. Make sure you catch this on Wednesday!

Group C

  1. Ugluk4242 [KiP]

  2. DaveCordeiro [RO]

  3. 1starpeeps [RO]

Battle-tested Ugluk is the fan favourite here, having achieved 'Mad Lad' status for qualifying twice for the KFPL S2. ReapOut [RO] is a popular choice in this group - will they prove their mettle?

Group D

  1. Jfilipeg [UAP]

  2. Kionerst [TIR]

  3. Leolinci [TGG]

Full confidence in this group is given to the Portuguese and Italian reps. Be sure to catch Kionerst vs kidmanxdx on Friday to see how these predictions fare!

Group E

  1. Eccoedo [SAS-LP]

  2. KiiVii [HA]

  3. IrieDaily [HA]

[SAS-LP] continues to be a popular pick in this group with the winner of The Glorious You - Eccoedo. Previous KFPL winner KiiVii surprisingly doesn't take the top spot. You can see him show his stuff on Saturday against LaPoire on Twitch!

Group F

  1. CalumSLZ [SBO]

  2. Xiar [LU]

  3. = Amrtaka [TFS] / Seb-112 [TA]

Part of Screech Bob-Omb [SBO] Commentaries, CalumSLZ is predicted to do well in this bracket, followed by Season 1 Top 16 placer Xiar, and newcomers Amrtaka and Seb-112.

Group G

  1. Dammat96 [TIR]

  2. johnlaeng [HA]

  3. = Vincenzo [HA] / soadfly [TIR]

The Hamburg Atlanteans [HA] and The Italian Resurgence [TIR] are popular picks here - both teams have a large amount of representation in Season 2. How will they fare against eachother?

Group H

  1. AlexShepelev [SAS-LP]

  2. firesa1 [RO]

  3. GorebellyPH [UAP]

All 3 of these competitors were in the Top 16 in Season 1 - this is sure to be a hugely competitive bracket!

We'll be revealing the winner of the prediction competition after the completion of the Group Stages in April. Good luck to all the players!

Week 1 Match-ups

Finally, here are all the pairings for this week!