KFPL Season 2 Archon Solo Qualifiers: A Meta Analysis

On the 16th January 2021, the KeyForge Premier League hosted two qualifiers for their Season 2 League. The format for both qualifiers was Archon Solo with no restrictions - players could bring a deck from whatever set they wanted, as long as they could verify ownership or reasonable access to the deck.

The purpose of this article is to look at the overall field of each event, how those fields narrowed down to the top 16 decks, and examine the meta in these events (with some caveats).

First, a definition of what ‘meta’ means in this context. The metagame is the ‘game outside the game’. So, while we’re all playing KeyForge, and thinking about how to win games, we’re also thinking about the social strategy: what other people are likely to bring, and what choices we can make to put ourselves in a better position before the game starts. An example of this would be, for example, “lots of people are using Infurnace, so bringing a pip-heavy deck or a deck which relies a lot upon recursion is risky.”

We’re going to be looking at the overall fields for both the European-friendly (Qualifier 1) and Americas-friendly (Qualifier 2) Archon Solo events. The size of the field in each event makes this a somewhat limited sample of data (59 and 75 decks in each respectively.) In addition, there were 20 decks which were played in both events, which is going to affect how similar the statistics are across both data sets. As a result, this analysis has the potential to be very inaccurate as a representation of the meta in the wider global community.

Using Decks of KeyForge’s fabulous tag system and analysis tool, I’ll be looking at deck statistics, house and set breakdown, most common cards, SAS score ranges and more.

So, with that out of the way, let’s have a deep dive into each event…