KOTE 5 Commentary: BBB vs Team Archimedes

By Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

Now for something a bit different. I have never done this before but 2 teams in the KOTE tournament asked, if they were to play their games one after another, would I like to stream it and commentate?

I did. It was loads of fun and I would LOVE for this to be a regular thing. If there are any other KOTE teams who would like to do this, let me know and we can arrange it. It was a huge amount of fun.

So the teams:

BBB vs Team Archimedes

Brighton vs Leeds

South vs North

England vs England

3-0 vs 3-0.

Watch how it all unfolds. I definitely needed a lie down afterwards. Online play is SO fast (unless you have no time limit...too soon?)

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