Spoiler Review - A Review of the 7 Sins

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"What's in the boooox?! WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOX!? WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOOOOX!?" - Brad Pitt

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

Poor memes of GREAT films aside (if you haven't seen Seven I would wholeheartedly recommend you stop reading this and go and and watch it...then come back), we have an interesting new toy to play with in the form of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Now that all 7 Sins have been spoiled, below is my opinion (and translation) on each of the cards. Where do these cards sit among the other novelties? Are these merely novelties or do they sit among the meta defining, pinnacle of competitive play, orbital SAS score decks of 2019/20? Let's see, but first;

  • Sins will be working from the same algorithm as Plague Rats it would seem. Between 3-7 in a deck. However I don't believe it has been confirmed whether the cards are 'one of's yet...correct me if I am wrong.

  • The art of these cards are some of the most spectacular art I have seen yet on a Keyforge Card and while I haven't necessarily praised an artist as of yet, I think this set deserve it. Michele Giorgi - take a bow son! He has also done some incredible art on other cards but this is right up my street, especially Greed.

  • My percentage rating is as scientific as a flat-earther reading your horoscope. That being said, if there are any flat earth, horoscope readers reading this, contact me afterwards...

So, let's get all Geoffrey Chaucer on this sitch' and talk about the '7 Deadly Sins' (yes, I don't just know pop culture film references...).


At the end of your turn, if you did not use any creatures this turn, gain 1 aember for each friendly Sin creature.

Starting with an absolute monster (or demon...are demons monsters?). Reminds me initially of Redlock where if you don't play creatures you gain 1 aember. While that was always a 'nice to have', you never really played around it. This ridiculous piece of kit though is a different story all together. Even if the card said 'During a turn where Dis was your active house' it would be very good, however, for some wild reason it doesn't. So I have 3 sins out, call Logos, rock 3 Logos actions (let's say a Twin Bolt Emission, a Labwork and, well pick your favourite as a third), then play a Logos creature, i'm not precious which.

'Pass...i'll take 3 extra aember too please'. WHAT!? You have gained 5/6 aember, have 4 creatures, done some action shenanigans and are on check for no other reason than I played Dis last turn and played 3 sins. Yes, they have to survive, but 5 power is a big boy and there are plenty of other big boys in this suite of evil. VERY good card and I don't think it will be my only 90+ card. 93%


Reap: Ward each friendly Sin creature.

I originally really liked this as a utility card, especially as you need to keep your Sins alive (great name for a metal band).. Then I disliked it as it is a reap effect, not a play effect because I thought 'who is going to let this stay on the board'. But then I remembered my own rule...if a card is an inst-kill card, it is clearly a good card.

So I took a step back and looked at this card in the wider scheme of the Sins agenda. If you can get this sucker protected, or play it facing an empty board then this card is a game winner. I really don't know what the developers have done to mitigate too strong play around this card. Your Sins need to stay on the board in numbers for them to be most effective and this card allows you to do that, every turn. I'm not going to say more than if you see Pride hit the table, hit it with everything you have. It could be your undoing if you don't.

Very good in synergy, less good as a single card so it loses a little, but not a lot. 84%