Spoiler Review - A Review of the 7 Sins

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"What's in the boooox?! WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOX!? WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOOOOX!?" - Brad Pitt

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

Poor memes of GREAT films aside (if you haven't seen Seven I would wholeheartedly recommend you stop reading this and go and and watch it...then come back), we have an interesting new toy to play with in the form of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Now that all 7 Sins have been spoiled, below is my opinion (and translation) on each of the cards. Where do these cards sit among the other novelties? Are these merely novelties or do they sit among the meta defining, pinnacle of competitive play, orbital SAS score decks of 2019/20? Let's see, but first;

  • Sins will be working from the same algorithm as Plague Rats it would seem. Between 3-7 in a deck. However I don't believe it has been confirmed whether the cards are 'one of's yet...correct me if I am wrong.

  • The art of these cards are some of the most spectacular art I have seen yet on a Keyforge Card and while I haven't necessarily praised an artist as of yet, I think this set deserve it. Michele Giorgi - take a bow son! He has also done some incredible art on other cards but this is right up my street, especially Greed.

  • My percentage rating is as scientific as a flat-earther reading your horoscope. That being said, if there are any flat earth, horoscope readers reading this, contact me afterwards...

So, let's get all Geoffrey Chaucer on this sitch' and talk about the '7 Deadly Sins' (yes, I don't just know pop culture film references...).


At the end of your turn, if you did not use any creatures this turn, gain 1 aember for each friendly Sin creature.

Starting with an absolute monster (or demon...are demons monsters?). Reminds me initially of Redlock where if you don't play creatures you gain 1 aember. While that was always a 'nice to have', you never really played around it. This ridiculous piece of kit though is a different story all together. Even if the card said 'During a turn where Dis was your active house' it would be very good, however, for some wild reason it doesn't. So I have 3 sins out, call Logos, rock 3 Logos actions (let's say a Twin Bolt Emission, a Labwork and, well pick your favourite as a third), then play a Logos creature, i'm not precious which.

'Pass...i'll take 3 extra aember too please'. WHAT!? You have gained 5/6 aember, have 4 creatures, done some action shenanigans and are on check for no other reason than I played Dis last turn and played 3 sins. Yes, they have to survive, but 5 power is a big boy and there are plenty of other big boys in this suite of evil. VERY good card and I don't think it will be my only 90+ card. 93%


Reap: Ward each friendly Sin creature.

I originally really liked this as a utility card, especially as you need to keep your Sins alive (great name for a metal band).. Then I disliked it as it is a reap effect, not a play effect because I thought 'who is going to let this stay on the board'. But then I remembered my own rule...if a card is an inst-kill card, it is clearly a good card.

So I took a step back and looked at this card in the wider scheme of the Sins agenda. If you can get this sucker protected, or play it facing an empty board then this card is a game winner. I really don't know what the developers have done to mitigate too strong play around this card. Your Sins need to stay on the board in numbers for them to be most effective and this card allows you to do that, every turn. I'm not going to say more than if you see Pride hit the table, hit it with everything you have. It could be your undoing if you don't.

Very good in synergy, less good as a single card so it loses a little, but not a lot. 84%


Play: For each friendly Sin creature, exalt Gluttony once. Reap: Move all aember from your friendly creature into your pool.

Now this...THIS is a good Saurian card. Yes I meant Saurian card. This is how risk/reward should really work. You have to think about so many things before you play it and it is likely going to be discarded as much as played in a good players hands. Does my opponent have a board wipe? Does my opponent have enough spot damage to kill Gluttony? Can my opponent bring creatures in ready somehow? Am I going to want to play Dis next turn to take the aember off? Where is the limit...2/3 aember or is it worth pushing?

Realistically, you are going to be playing this for 2-3 aember being put on your Gluttony. If you manage to rock a 4 every so often then great. 5 or more you would have to be 1) lucky as a 3 legged man in an arse kicking competition and 20 absolutely sure that you are not going to lose it!

Is this a good card? Yes, Is it always good? No. Is it strong for competitive play? Probably not. Will it be fun to pull off in casual? ABSOLUTELY. 76%



Reap: If there are 2 or more friendly Sin creatures, capture all of your opponent's aember.

This card is a tale of two cities. If it meets the requirement and if it doesn't.

If it does: If you like playing control decks, a card which captures ALL of your opponent's aember AND has elusive is the dream. With having no limitations, such as Drumble's '7' or Old Bruno or Charette's '3' then it has significantly more utility than all of them.

If it doesn't: It is a 3 power creature with elusive *sad trumpet sound*.

That is a huge difference. Yes, it will still count to adding numbers to other Sin creature synergies, but the absolute chasm between meeting the criteria and not meeting the criteria is spectacular. This has actually been the hardest card to score so I am actually going to sit on the fence...straight down the middle, then up a little bit. 60% of the time, it works...every time.


Keys cost +4 aember.

Reap: Forge a key at current cost, reduced by one for each friendly Sin creature.

Here I have to go back to the algorithm. 3-7 Sin creatures in a set. If you have 3, and Desire is one of them, you are going to be pretty bummed out. Even 4, the stars are going to have to align for Desire to be of any value. I never thought I would say that about ANY card which had a built in reap Key Cheat. Am I mad? I keep convincing myself that I am mad for thinking this, but I am trying to look at this as pragmatically as possible. In a 5+ Sin deck, this creature is a behemoth. In anything less, Its a bit of a lettuce.

If there is a card I could be and want to be convinced otherwise, this would be it. I'm saying 66% but please someone convince me it is a 90%


During your "draw cards" step, for each friendly sin you control, you draw a extra card.

'Ladies and gents, this is the Keyforge Card you've waited for.' - Hugh Jackman (ish)

Yes. This is the card. This is the most incredibly card you didn't even know you wanted. The utility that this card brings is phenomenal. I don't want to gush over this card too much but it is a very good card. It is an incredibly powerful card but there are already cards which do something in the game similar, I just really like the ramp up of the power of the card. At worst, it is similar to Mother, at best...well, it's special. It levels itself out too. You have to play into it being a special card. You don't instantly get the ridiculous effect, you have to put in the work to access it.

And the art. I don't think there is a card in the game with better art than Greed. I know someone is going to point out that 'the card isn't THAT good', but I am hard pressed to think how this could have been designed any better. 101%


Taunt. Poison. Skirmish.

Fight: For each friendly Sin creature, enrage an enemy creature.

This is a nice card, but did you see Greed?!

Ok, i'm done. Wrath. The Sins needed some level of defense but I am not convinced that this is it. When on the old attack it is a wrecking ball...but why would you want to enrage your opponent's creatures for them to fight into your Sins? The whole point of Sins is to keep them on the board. This forces your opponent to lay into them. I appreciate that there may be creatures which you want to stop from reaping, but at sacrifice to a Sin? Maybe not. I think this card would have been significantly better if it said 'may enrage an enemy creature.' Would that have made it too powerful? Possibly. I think removing the armor and adding the word 'may' makes it more appealing, however the artillery available on tap with Wrath cannot be overlooked. 77%.

Back to the earlier question - are Sins just novelties or are they going to be something special?

I will hang my hat on this now...there will be a 6/7 Sin deck in the final of a top tier tournament. Do I think they are strong enough to win it on their own? Of course not. But with a really tactical suite of Logos support, Shadows nonsense or Untamed rush then definitely. Woe betide anybody who faces a Sin/Saurians deck. Obviously there is a lot of real time playing to be done to see if I am right or not, but on initial thought and review, the cards are special. Together, they are something much more special.

So there you have it. I am sure again, you might have a differing opinion on one or more of the cards. Tell me what you think.

Be good to each other.


Crazy Killing Machine

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