Spoiler Review: A Review of the Gigantic Creatures

Multiple Card Creatures? An 'Empire Strikes Back' or just another 'Senate Meeting'?

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

Gigantic creatures add a super exciting element to the game. In Call of the Archons, we had the Horsemen (which were great, then were not so great). In Age of Ascension, we had Shards (which were all the rage, then not so great). Worlds Collide brought us Megas and Brews, Moor Wolves, and creature specific Blasters... but nobody cared, because Dinosaurs.

It looks like Mass Mutation's novelty card/mechanism is gigantic creatures. We now know we have three for this set (not the full range of seven we might have been expecting.) Let's have a look at what we have hitting the table in late 2020 (or the digital tables if we still can't sit in front of each other.)

A couple of points to remember before we look at these cards:

- You need both of these cards in your hand to be able to play them.

- The creatures come with the intrinsic cost of probably chaining you for at least a couple of turns. Is it worth it?

- They are all still susceptible to spot removal (Fear, Neutron Shark) and board wipes (Quintrino Flux, Gateway to Dis).

- Do you know your opponent has something like this? Is it worth it? Can you protect it?

- The percentage rating given to each card has NO scientific basis! It is an arbitrary number based on how I felt after writing the summary. I put my finger in the air and say 'that sentence's cadence, content and empathetic stimulation felt like a 45%...let's go with 45%'.

That has all been taken into account while I have been thinking about these creatures, so without further ado...

The Gigantic Creature Rumble

Let's look at the creatures and their abilities:

Ultra Gravitron:

Play: Archive the top 5 cards of your deck.

Fight/Reap: Discard a card from your archives. If you do, purge a creature and resolve each of its bonus icons as if you had played it.

Niffle Kong:

Play: Search your deck and discard pile for any number of Niffle creatures, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Fight/Reap: You may destroy a friendly Niffle creature. If you do, do 3 damage to a creature, steal 1 aember and destroy an enemy artifact.


Play: Capture all of your opponent's aember. Deal 5 damage to an enemy creature.

Fight/Reap: Move 1 aember from Deusillus to the common supply. Deal 2 damage to each enemy creature.

OK... apparently gigantic creatures require gigantic play/fight/reap effects. Use that sweet, sweet card space, FFG. Use that card space...

Let's talk about these suckers. I definitely feel like there is an order of best to worst.

Ultra Gravitron