Steel City Snufflegators' Best and Worst Board Wipes in Mass Mutation

When in doubt, ask a Snufflegator!

Hailing from the glorious city of Sheffield in the North of England (some would say the greatest city in England), the Steel City Snufflegators give their views on the best and worst Board Wipe cards in Mass Mutation. Will they agree? Will they disagree?

They will disagree! Who do you agree with?

James Hewitt:

Worst Clearance Card: Krrrzzzaaap

I like how this fits in to the theme of the set but feel that this card will be unreliable. I think this could be good if you get it in a mutant heavy deck but you’re relying on your opponent to have few mutants on the board. You also gain a chain from playing this card that may not have much of an impact. For me, it feels like this card is quite close to everyone’s favourite, Save the Pack.

Best Clearance Card: Savage Clash

I like how this card will destroy all but one of each player’s creatures no matter if they have any aember on them or are a certain power, although, it may not always pay off if you’ve have a lot of captured aember on your creatures. There’s potential to combo with Keyfrog, if you’re able to clear your opponent’s board to regain captured aember then hopefully fight to destroy Keyfrog to forge a key. On the other hand you may be left with Toad. Also, with Mercy, Malkin Queen you may have quite a few of warded creatures already in play to be able to gain an advantage after playing this card.

Peter Broughton:

Worst Clearance Card: General Order 24.

I’m going for this for worst for three reasons. 1 - It doesn’t clear the board, it clears the board of one house. Helpful but quite possibly not what you need. 2 - It’s double sided and your opponent has just as much use out of it as you will. They might be able to choose a creature that hurts you more on their turn. Equally on your turn you just choose a creature and kill everything of that house and this could hurt you more than the MM. I’ve played games where my opponent’s Fangtooth Cavern has helped me win a game killing more of their creatures than mine. This could backfire just as spectacularly. 3 - It can stay in play for the rest of the game. How many cards remove artifacts? Not many. Certainly not enough. This is one of those artifacts that changes games. I like those, I really do. They’re lots of fun. However just because I think something is fun doesn’t mean I think it’s good. I genuinely think all the other wipes help clear the board better than this. Also, I Ideally think a board wipe ought to support a deck with a low creature count more than a deck with a high creature count to help even the board state. I genuinely think this will be better for you in a high creature deck. If you get it in a deck like that it could be a lot of fun. It might even be competitive. I just think this card is one of the worst examples of what it does.

Best Clearance Card: Æmberlution

First of all, it does it’s job. You use a board wipe in Keyforge because your opponent has a board advantage over you and you need to deal with it. It destroys EVERY creature. That’s with Æmber on it, without Æmber, damaged or not. Only ward tokens save from this (but they save from all the others too). The reason it stands out above others is you play every creature in your hand. Including the out of house ones. This is great! I’m aware of the downside. The worst possible outcome your opponent plays 6 creatures of the same house. However this would empty their hand and mean they have to choose that house. Most of the time all you will do is put down 2 or 3 creatures for them and they can’t draw up to 6 before playing their turn. There will be decks with this card that have the ability to play 6 creatures after playing it due to good draw or archiving. Gateway to Dis is close for me, but it gives 3 chains. This does not give chains and has a nice upside, while giving your opponent a very interesting choice to make on their next turn.

Not Carl Woodwiss:

Worst Clearance Card: Krrrzzzaaap!!!

'Save the Pack' for Mutants. And it destroys your non-mutants too? And the set is called Mass Mutation?! Not 'Some Mutation' or 'A Little Bit of Mutation'...MASS! There are a lot of mutants. It will likely hurt you as much as your opponent.

Best Clearance Card: Skixuno

Play a creature which eats everything... EVERYTHING... and then gets hench? Love it, Clears the board and leaves you with a massive creature. And it is Omega so you can do all of your Dis nonsense first, then obliterate the board? I love this card.

Marcus Honeybone:

Worst Clearance Card: Axiom of Grisk

Now don’t get me wrong, Axiom is a good card when you’re not against a Saurian deck. But those of us who like Saurian (and there are plenty) are going to want to see how they interact with Sanctum now that they have returned. I think it is going to be a common occurrence to come up against Saurian/Sanctum, and for Axiom is just not going to do much to your opponent’s board, because...

Best Clearance Card: Guilty Hearts

...the level of capturing and exalting to me appears to have increased in Mass Mutation. Taking into account cards such as Equalize, Chant of Hubris, Siren Horn, Consul Primus and Monument to Primus, to name but a few, which all allow for the movement of æmber between creatures, Guilty Hearts will be potent.

Simon Roadhouse:

Worst Clearance Card: Good of the Many

Many creatures share a trait, and some have multiple traits. A quick look at a few of my decks and all the creatures bar maybe 1 or 2 share a trait with at least one other creature in the deck. And in Mass Mutation there are going to be a lot of mutants within all houses. As a board wipe, this is far too limiting. I think it would struggle to wipe more than 1 or 2 creatures on a regular turn, most turns it may not destroy anything. At best, this could be seen more as spot removal with no control. Luckily it is rare, so you won’t need to worry about it too much.

Best Clearance Card: Quintrino Flux

This is a really good board wipe. It’s in the same vein as Dance of Doom but with the added benefit of a little bit more control and it’s uncommon instead of rare. You can choose to wipe their board of more creatures if they share the same power and get some captured aember back or be selective and destroy that pesky Centurion Stenopius that has gotten out of control or Deusillus that your opponent has finally managed to get into play. Then you can choose whatever creature you want from your battle line to do the least amount of damage. Or one that has a nice destroyed keyword, such as Keyfrog. That would create a nice swing in your favour.

So there you have it. Do they all know what they are talking about? Do none of them have a clue? Who do you agree with? Who was way off the mark?

Comment below... there may be a bet on who gets the most stick for being wrong!

Until next time. Be good to each other!

The Steel City Snufflegators

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