The CKMies - Best New Common Award for Mass Mutation

Written by Carl Woodwiss

Crazy Killing Machine

This one is for the everyday heroes. The familiar and the frequent. The typical, regular and some times trivial. This is for the commoners!

Welcome to the first of our Bi-Annual (ish - depending on set releases) CKM awards. The CKM-ies. You all look sharp and dapper in your black ties and ball gowns. Steve, what you are wearing looks ridiculous! Go home, you're drunk.

We are here tonight to celebrate the unsung heroes of the Keyforge world. You know them and love them as they preoccupy the majority of your 36. They support, they reap and they fight while asking for very little in return. We are obviously talking about the Commons.

We are only talking about Commons new to this set. Not cards which have been reprinted. They had their chance in the limelight.

Below we are going to award each house with a 'best in house' common and then we are going to award an overall 'best in set' out of the winners. Firstly, everybody's favourite psychopathic demons, Dis:


Out of the 12 new Dis Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to: Bonesaw, Brabble, Dark Minion, Drecker, Imp-Losion, Mark of Dis, Mindfire, Sinder, Snarette, Stirring Grave, Techno-Field and Waking Nightmare


Out of the 12 new Logos Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Auto-Encoder, Bot Bookton, Daemo-Bot, Diametric Charge, Eclectic Enquiry, Even Ivan, Informorph, Lethologica, Munchling, Opposition Research, Q-Mechs and Titan Engineer


Out of the 12 new Sanctum Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Ardent Hero, Bull-wark, Burning Glare, Commandeer, Daemo-Knight, Fangs of Gizelhart, Font of the Eye, General Xalvador, Gizelhart's Zealot, Lieutenant Gorvenal, Seeker of Truth and Squire Alys.


Out of the 12 new Shadows Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Bo Nithing, Daemo-Thief, Dark Wave, Francis the "Economist", Look Over There!, Mutant Cutpurse, Opportunist, Rad Penny, Shoulder Id, Subtle Otto, Tempting Offer and Vandalize.


Out of the 12 new Saurian Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Beware the Ides, Citizen Shrix, Consul Primus, Cornicen Octavia, Curse of Vanity, Daemo-Saurus, Defense Initiative, Faust the Great, Galeatops, Monument to Ludo, Sagittarili's Gaze and Spoils of Battle.

Star Alliance:

Out of the 12 new Star Alliance Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Access Denied, Blast Shield, Crewman Jorg, Daemo-Alien, Hadron Collision, Observ-u-Max, Scout Pete, Securi-Droid, Subdue, Subject Kirby, Survey and

Teleporter Chief Tink.


Out of the 12 new Untamed Commons, the shortlist is:

Thank you to Celephoist, Daemo-Beast, Dark Faerie, Fandangle, Floomf, Gloriana's Attendant, Keyfrog, Pismire, Rapid Evolution, Reclaimed by Nature, Resurgence and

Savage Clash.


With it's 'this is how Control the Weak' should have worked mentality, 'Mark of Dis' takes the award for Dis.

Beating out some stiff competition, the Destroyed effect for 'Q-Mechs' makes it a thing of beauty, and very 'Logos'.

'Put me out and watch your opponent squirm.' Taunt and sticky? We love 'Ardent Hero'.

Much like Q-Mechs, 'Rad Penny' is all about the destroyed effect. Get her back and do it all again. You can hear Urchin crying into it's coin purse.

Senator Shrix has lost his seat in government, so 'Citizen Shrix' has taken to robbing the general public blind! Are you sure he has lost his seat in government? Ooooo...politics!

This was a tough call, but mainly because there were only really 2 we were interested in, between 'Access Denied' and Subject Kirby, some of the super powerful reap abilities in this set will not be happy. We call this the 'Sin Killer'.

Just read it. No explanation necessary. Untamed was the hardest choice as we could have easily put 5 cards on the short list, but in a house with some seriously strong commons, 'Savage Clash' comes out on top.


3rd Place:

Nano-Tech at its Nano-best. A worth Bronze medal.

2nd Place:

The Urchin Killer at her very best. Shit name, but great card!

Best in Set:

Congratulations to Mark of Dis, it means absolutely nothing and people will disagree with us for a number of reasons! But CKM love you!

Let us know what you think. Be good to each other.


Crazy Killing Machine

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