The KeyForge Premier League and CKM Network

Oh snap... there is a thing happening!

Today, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that The KeyForge Premier League has become part of the CKM Network. Not only that, we are also proud to announce that we have specifically partnered with the league to support the continual improvement and delivery of what we think is a spectacular online league series!

What Does This Mean?

Carl and Steve, along with other Network members and extremely well known community advocates have teamed up with league creator and chief visionary, Jupiter Sacadura of 5th Planet Keyforge, to support, drive and improve the league value into the dazzling KeyForge community.

Tournament Management

With a council of expert support, our main area of focus is going to be supporting the tournament management side of the operation, with Jupiter focusing on delivering high quality KeyForge media though different mediums (videos, podcasts, news, streams).

KFPL Hub Website

We have created a new Hub for all things Premier League:

Here, we will maintain everything you need to know about the league:

- A Player Directory - including country, decks, team and group. This will become more of a features with leagues to come as a 'profile' section for each member.

- A Tournament Calendar and Schedule

- Group Pairings and up to date League Standings

- The most recent Interactive Tournament Rules

- Upcoming KFPL Tournaments...

- Links to, and Featured Episodes of, the most recent KFPL Media

...and on that note!

The KFPL Tournament Series

We will be also supporting the league by running standalone, single day cash prize tournaments. The first of which being:

**Fall means Autumn for those East of the Atlantic.

More information on the tournament above can be found here:

That is all for now, however this has been a long time coming and we have some exciting plans for the future. Watch this space and as always, and constructive feedback on what you would like to see to add value to the league is always appreciated.

Be good to each other.

The CKM Team

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