The KeyForge Premier League Season 2 Qualifiers are here!

Updated: Jan 14

Get ready for 3 weeks of KeyForge at the highest level. KFPL will be running 5 open qualifiers in varying formats, giving KeyForge players around the world the opportunity to join the Season 2 League and compete for a cash prize. In total, 48 players will be invited to the Season 2 League, with several spots available in each qualifier. The qualifiers will run in European and American-friendly timezones. Information and registration for each event is available on the Season 2 Qualifiers page.

How to Register

Registration for these events has been centralised on the Crazy Killing Machine site! Players can make profiles and register for events directly. Jupiter’s video shows a walk-through of how to register for each event.

1. Make an Account on the CKMn site

At the top right of the site, you’ll be able to register or log in to the site. You’ll need to make an account before you do anything else.

2. Fill out your Profile

Add your Discord name, Challonge name and DoK username to your profile. This will let us add you to the event and verify your deck.

3. Verify your Deck

Upload a photo of your deck with a note containing your Discord name and/or Challonge name with the current date and the name of the event to your deck page on Decks of KeyForge. Clicking the picture attachment at the bottom of the deck list will allow you to upload your photo.

4. Join the KFPL Discord

This is the hub for all information about the events and where the Tournament Organisers will communicate with the players on the day. Being in the Discord is a requirement. Click here to join.

Once you’ve done this, you can navigate to the Season 2 Qualifiers page and register with one-click for each event. After you complete this process, you will be added to the Challonge page for that event by the event admin.

Registration for each of these qualifiers is free, so join as many as you like and get ready to battle with the best!

Here's a run-down of each event:

Saturday 16th January - Archon Solo (9am GMT/4am EST AND 5pm GMT/12pm EST)

This Saturday there will be two tournaments - one each at European and American-friendly times. Players are able to register for and play in both events. There will be no deck restrictions - you can play any SAS, any set, and any combo you choose.

Every player who goes x-2 in the Swiss rounds will make it through to the Challenger Round. This round will be single elimination, and will reduce the player count to 16. This top 16 will then play a single elimination top cut.

The top 3 players from these events will be invited to the KFPL Season 2 - meaning a total of 6 spots available across both events.

Saturday 23rd January - Sealed Solo (9am GMT/4am EST AND 5pm GMT/12pm EST)

Each player in these events will be given a set of decks from which to choose - one from each of the four current sets. Players will pick one of these decks to use throughout the event. These tournaments will start at the same European and American-friendly times as the Archon events.

Players who go x-2 will make it through to the Challenger round, which will once again cut down to a top 16. 3 spots in the League will be available in each event.

Saturday 30th January - Archon Triad (4pm GMT/11am EST)

Save the date for this one if you love Triad! We’ll be giving out more details on this one soon.

Details for all of these events including a full rules run-down is available on the Season 2 Qualifiers page.

An Extra Challenge…

This season, we’ve decided to give players who have already qualified for the league the opportunity to compete in the qualifier events. Here’s the twist - if they register, they instantly lose their place in the league. The spot will be added to the Last Chance Qualifier and be available for other players to win.

This gives players who are firmly confident in their play the chance to prove it again. Who will take the challenge?!

Following the Event

Coverage of this event will be streamed on the KeyForge Premier League Twitch page. All players are welcome to stream their own games on Twitch, or record their games for upload as VODs. We'll be collating any VODs after the event in a playlist on the KeyForge Premier League YouTube page. Check out the KFPL Twitter Accounts, @Keyforgel and @KFPL_CKM_News for up-to-date inf0rmation and notifications about the League. Info will also be shared through the CKMn Facebook page.

That's all the info we have for now - if you have any questions, you can join the KFPL Discord server for up to date information from the event organisers.

We hope that you will all take the challenge of Season 2 of the KeyForge Premier League, and we hope to see you play over the next few weeks!

Kate Dunstone, also known as Muffins on Discord and lotsa_muffins on TCO, is a long-time KeyForge player and administrator for the KeyForge Premier League. She tweets as @KeyForgeLeeds and @Lotsa_Muffins and loves CotA Mars decks.

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