UK FAB National Champs - Everything you need to know about visiting Leeds!

Living Realms will be running the UK Flesh and Blood National Championship 2021 in Leeds!

This is so exciting for me, as I’m a Leeds local and don’t have to travel! Woo! For those of you who aren’t as lucky to live in Best Yorkshire, I’ve compiled a helpful guide here to the city and getting the most out of your trip here for Nationals.

For clarification, I am not affiliated with Living Realms or LSS. I’m just a casual FAB player who’s keen on helping others. For information directly from Living Realms about the event, as well as ticket sales, please check their website.

The Venue

The Royal Armouries are located in the Docklands area on the south side of Leeds city centre. It’s a national museum so free to enter, and it’s well worth a visit on its own.

For information on their current displays, check their website here.

Public Transport and Taxis

Most of the routes to the Armouries include a short walk along the Canal - if you’d rather not walk, then driving or getting a taxi to the venue is definitely the best option. The canal area is quite nice, and I’d recommend the walk in the mornings for some fresh air and focus.

Leeds Train Station is a 15 minute walk from the Royal Armouries - or you can call a taxi to take you there. It will take longer to get a bus than to just walk it.

Leeds Bus and Coach Station is 10 minutes away on foot - again, same situation. Buses won’t help from here, so you’ll need to walk or you can call a taxi.

Regarding Taxis, you can use Uber as a reliable option, or go with the largest local cab firm Amber Cars. They have an app which is easy to use and usually ends up being a bit cheaper than Uber (no surge fees!).


The CitiPark car park next to the venue is the best place to park for the event. It costs £13/day, or £15 for the whole weekend (taking advantage of their Extended Weekend Parking offer). If you’re staying at the Holiday Inn next to the venue, the parking is discounted to £8/day.

If that’s a bit rich for your blood, you can check out these alternative options and have a short walk to the venue.

Nearby Hotels

I’ve grouped hotels here by price and proximity. They’re all well positioned for a night out in Leeds, asides from the obvious category! The price ranges are approximately as follows:

£££ = £90+ per night

££ = £50-90 per night

£ = £50 or less

Literally right next to the venue:

Within 10 minute walk:

Within 20 minute walk:

Within 30 minute walk:

You’ll need to drive or taxi but it’ll be dirt cheap:

Food and Drink

Deliveroo and Uber Eats are both great options in Leeds. However, if you want to get out in the open air, there’s SO MANY options in Leeds that it’s hard to go wrong. I’ll just list some of my favourites here as well as some staples.

  • Little Tokyo - delicious Japanese food in a beautiful setting. Very reasonably priced, too! Try their Bento boxes!

  • Fuji Hiro - incredible Japanese food. Their Yakisoba is amazing!

  • Trinity Leeds - range of chain restaurants (Nandos, TGI Fridays etc). The main attraction for me is Trinity Kitchen, a food court with a lot of great options. There are usually 2-3 guest stands which are pretty good!

  • Greek Street - This is where you go if you want a *very nice* meal. Here’s a more detailed article about the options there.

  • Fazenda - Brazilian AYCE meat. The salad bar has smoked salmon on it. Pretty pricey but very worth it (unless you don’t eat red meat, in which case don’t bother going here).

Here’s a few pubs to consider:

And, as a special category, here are the two Rock/Metal bars in Leeds. You’re welcome.

The Nerd Tour of Leeds

Leeds is well known for its alternative culture, and is well served by a range of geek shops and venues. As Living Realms in Castleford will be closed during the event, here are some other places you should check out while you’re here!

Arcade Club

Three floors of arcade games, retro and classic machines, and a VR gaming suite! Absolutely essential visiting for fans of videogames. I personally recommend the VR suite, and the massive range of rhythm games on the ground floor! There is a reasonably priced bar which does alcohol, soft drinks and food in the venue.

Pixel Bar

Enjoy access to consoles, as well as a range of pre-bookable gaming PCs, at this gaming-themed bar! They have great drinks and normally stream gaming events on their screens. It’s good fun!

Geek Retreat

Leeds’ biggest and best card games venue and shop! This is my FLGS and I love it there. Serves decent food and amazing milkshakes.

Also, you can get your retail fix here...

  • OK Comics - an award-winning Comic shop!

  • Travelling Man - the best shop for board games in Leeds, also stocking card games, comics, graphic novels and manga.

  • Forbidden Planet - two floors of geek merchandise, POP figurines, comics and manga.

Please note that if you want to pick up some packs or boxes while you're in Leeds, Living Realms will have a ton available for sale in the Armouries.

That should be everything for now! As I said, follow Living Realms for further announcements about the event itself (again, I am not affiliated, and I don't know anything more than other punters!) I hope this has served as a useful guide for planning your trip to Leeds for Nationals, and that you make the most of it and have a great time!

Kate Dunstone, also known as Muffins#7150 on Discord, is a long-time KeyForge player and casual Flesh and Blood player. She tweets as @KeyForgeLeeds and @Lotsa_Muffins and proudly reps Team Archimedes.

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