Keyforge Event Stream and Round Up - UK Grand Championships Day 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

I wanted to put together a very brief post on my feelings about how the UK Grand Championships have gone this weekend in Milton Keynes, however....brief it is not as there is too much to say.

As some of you will know, as well as providing the stream, Steve and I are a part of the European Judge Team and take a huge amount of pride in making sure the consistency of approach is brought to the event through both, the stream and the enjoyment for players. The latter certainly being the most important to us.

This weekend, Steve and I had the pleasure of heading up the event and in short, we are humbled at some of the kind things which have already been said. We are incredibly proud of how the event turned out and we sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. I know it seems like we say this a lot now but this community is incredible and deserves great events and great content. We are doing our best to provide both and hope that can be felt through our enthusiasm for this community.

Congratulations to everybody involved, players and organizers alike! A particular congratulations to Alejandro Rosa Calero for his SECOND nationals win after winning the Spanish Grand Championship (even more impressive as it was a sealed adaptive event). Commiserations to Matt Hill who came runner up after an excellent final which could have quite easily gone either way at key points. Watch the video on Youtube, you will agree it was a spectacular final.

Another specific thank you to Erich and Grant at Archon's Corner. Their recast and commentary of day 2 was fantastic and we will like in the comments to their Twitch account. Excellent content from great guys who REALLY know their onions.

Feedback is always welcome (positive and constructive). Please let us know your experience of the event, anything you liked, anything you would change and if you watched the above!

Thank you for making it through this post, thank you for your commitment to this community and we certainly hope to see you at more and more events this year.

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